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There's no denying Lone Star pride! GO TEXAN, with its signature mark in the shape of Texas, celebrates, promotes and supports the business savvy and plainspoken grit Texas agriculture is known for throughout the world. Whether it's grown, sewn or served up on a plate, more than 26 million Texans shop, travel and dine out in support of Texas business and agriculture, looking for the GO TEXAN mark to light the way.

What does GO TEXAN do?

GO TEXAN represents Texas agri-business on state, national and international levels by building recognition for the GO TEXAN mark and helping you find Texas products.

GO TEXAN Partner Program

GO TEXAN Partner Program (GOTEPP) is the Texas Department of Agriculture's (TDA) matching fund program designed to double the money available for current GO TEXAN members to market and promote their Texas agricultural products. Funds may be used for activities promoting the sale of Texas agricultural products.

GOTEPP funds make it possible to try new activities, approach new audiences or roll out a new product and can be used for marketing and promotional activities such as: banners, billboards, brochures, catalogs, design of new materials, magazine advertisements, new trade show booths, newspaper advertisements, postcards, posters, product packaging, products labels, promotional photography, radio advertisements, recipes cards, television advertisements, trade show booth space, travel to tradeshows, websites, and much more.


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AIFD International Floral Distributors


1313 West 20th Street
Houston, TX 77008
Ph: (713) 880-1300
Fax: (713) 867-0211
Toll-Free: (800) 833-0142
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8742 Shoal Creek Blvd.
Austin, TX 78757
Ph: (512) 459-1343
Fax: (512) 459-2102
Toll-Free: (800) 444-1183
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Corpus Christi

5217 Sunbelt Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78408
Ph: (361) 289-1500
Fax: (361) 289-7885

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