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Chilled Water System

Southern Floral Company uses a chilled water hydration system that's purpose is to hydrate the flowers with cold (chilled) water with preservatives which dramatically improves the shelf life. It is also used as an ice pack to help keep the flowers cool during delivery in our refrigerated trucks.

This system is called the "Chain of Life". We are one of the few wholesalers in the state that uses both the chilled water system and the refrigerated trucks.

A State of the Art Underwater Stem Cutter

Underwater stem cutters are used to prevent air bubbles from getting into the stems when they are cut.

An air bubble will prevent the flower from being able to drink and therefore causes the flower to dehydrate and die.

Southern Floral Company's - Day Ahead Transportation System

• The product is transported and delivered upright

• The product is pre-cooled overnight at 38 degrees.

• The product is delivered in a refrigerated box truck at 55 degrees.

• The product is delivered early in the morning and ready to use.

Southern Floral Company has a wide variety of flowers imported from around the world to choose from in our coolers.

We deliver what we promise!

Benefits that the Wet Pack Program Offers

Wet Pack Program

Southern Floral Company uses a wet pack program that benefits the customer and products in many different ways.




Wet Pack System

Wet Pack System

Shop Benefits

  • Product arrives in water ready to use
  • Better use of employee’s time; I.e...designing, customer service
  • No more processing required upon arrival
  • No more waiting for product to hydrate before using
  • No more cleaning of buckets
  • Fewer items damaged in packing & a more reliable product
  • Reduced Floral Preservative purchased for store use
  • Save on Quick Dip in your shop, we do it!
Wet Pack System

Benefits for the Flower

  • Product arrives fresh & firm
  • Less stress on the flowers when shipped in water
  • No re-cutting of the stems helps assure that longer length
  • Arrives in Buckets upright (no bent necks or head snapping)
  • Product packed in water with correct % of preservative
  • Flowers are cut under water with a pneumatic system
  • Clean Buckets Pressure cleaned with DCD cleaner at 140 degrees to assure no bacteria growth
  • Quick Dip used on flowers that require or benefit from it
Wet Pack System

Buckets & Shipping Benefits

  • Black buckets can be used in shipping & shop display
  • Buckets that stack & separate easier
  • Buckets are sterilized & cleaned upon arrival at Southern Floral Company
  • Product is packed & transported upright in water, less damage
  • Product is pre-cooled overnight at 38 degrees the day ahead of service
  • Product is shipped & refrigerated at 40 degrees in our box trucks (Not just A/C from a van)
  • Product is on our trucks early in the morning on its way to you before you’re at work (usually) and ready to use when you open the box

Bucket Program

  • $ 7.00 deposit on each wet pack unit


Procona Buckets - Numerous Ways the Customer can BENEFIT!

  • Used in shipping or to display in their shop


  • Less damage when transported


  • Product pre-cooled overnight at 38 degrees


  • DAY AHEAD service


  • Product ready to use when you open the box
Proconas Proconas

DosMatic System for Floral Care & Handling

Installation of the DOSMATIC SYSTEM has been a great asset and a valuable tool for the care & handling of cut flowers for our customers.

This system automatically combines the correct amount of Floralife with the water (so no measuring is required).